Author = Hesham Samir Abd Al-samee
Number of Articles: 6
1. Correlation between Iron Status and Simple Febrile Seizures in Children

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 July 2021

Marwa Elkafafy; hesham samir abd al-samee; Magdy Mohamed Ashmawy Sakr; Mohamed ibrahim elsamanoudy

2. Prediction of Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia by The Cord Blood Alkaline ‎Phosphatase

Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Pages 1429-1436

Esraa G. Farahat; Hany A. El-khaleegy; Hesham Samir Abd Al-samee; Saad A. Mohamed

3. Evaluation of Serum Insulin, Glucose and Liver Function in β-Thalassemia Major and Their Correlation with Iron Overload

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2021, Pages 1088-1096

Basma Mohammed Matar; Magdy Mohamed Ashmawy Sakr; Lotfy AbdElfattah Alsehaimy; Hesham Samir Abd al-samee

4. Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and Bronchial Asthma in Children

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 599-603

hala mohammed kamal Elzawawy; Magdy Mohammed Sakr; Mohammed Ibrahim Abdel-Aal; hesham samir abd al-samee

5. Effect of Inhaled Corticosteroids on Blood Glucose Homeostasis in Asthmatic Children

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 645-649

Alshaimaa Mohammed Essam; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel-Aal; Hesham Samir Abd Al-samee

6. Correlation between Vitamin-D Level and Pulmonary Function Tests in Children with Bronchial Asthma

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 308-312

Magdy Sakr; Mohamed Elsamnody; Atef Elrifai; Hesham Abd-Al-Samee; Ahmed Saad