Comparative Study to Assess the Outcome of the Abdominohernioplasty Versus the Sole Hernioplasty

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Plastic Surgery, Ministry of Health, Egypt

2 Department of Surgery, Damietta Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Egypt


Background: Abdominoplasty was increasingly performed in daily surgical practice. It is usually associated with hernia. Different surgeons prefer to carry out hernioplasty with abdominoplasty. However, this was challenged by longer operative time and theoretical increase of associated complications.
Objective of the Study: The present study aimed to assess the surgical outcome of the hernioplasty alone versus combined abdomino-hernioplasty.
Patients and Methods:This study was conducted between September 2019 and September 2020. Forty patients with ventral hernias were included and divided randomly into two equal groups; First group for combined hernioplasty with abdominoplasty and the other group for hernioplasty alone. All patients were evaluated preoperatively by full history, physical examination and preoperative routine Lab investigations to assure fitness for surgery. Postoperatively, patients were observed overnight in hospital. Pain was controlled and ambulation was permitted as early as possible after surgery. To ensure patient comfort and abdominal support, a compressive binder was used. Patients were clinically reevaluated 7 days and at one, three and six months after surgery.
Results:Groups A and B were comparable regarding patient age, gender, body mass index, and hernia type. The operative time and intraoperative bleeding were significantly higher in abdominoplasty group compared to hernioplasty group [154.01±13.73 minutes, 417.5±106.72 CC vs 64.75±9.11 and 92.5±32.55 respectively]. Early and late postoperative complications showed non-significant difference, except significant increase of recurrence among hernioplasty than abdominoplasty group [25.0% vs 0.0% respectively]. Abdominoplasty was associated with significant increase of total drain output, longer duration of drain and early mobility. Finally, there was significant increase of satisfaction with body size, body shape, relief of lower back pain, easy sex practice satisfaction and scar satisfaction in abdominoplasty group .
Conclusion: Abdominoplasty with hernioplasty is a safe approach for ventral hernia repair, with superior aesthetic outcome and patient satisfaction than hernioplasty alone.


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