Item Analysis and Decision Making for MCQ Exams

Document Type : Conference abstract


Department of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt


Background: MCQ exam analysis is an important part of the assessment cycle. We should pay more attention to item analysis to ensure test validity and reliability. We need to make decisions regarding the exam results like Mark moderation or removing questions from Question Bank 
Aim of the work: 1. To highlight basic principles of MCQs item analysis and how to make maximum benefits from the data we got.  2. To make decisions regarding the exam like moderation of marks based on item analysis.
Methods: An online presentation had been completed, where core principles of Item analysis had been reviewed. Then, an online survey had been completed to check the decisions of each participant when he will be faced by MCQ of aberrant discrimination or difficulty.
Results:An online survey had been completed about the decision that each participant will take in different situations [e.g., low discrimination questions, or high difficulty questions]. Answers were reviewed and decision-making was clarified. As feedback, 80.0% of attendants reported that, they will increase their participation in the question bank-building process at Damietta Faculty of Medicine, and 65% requested more in-depth future events.
Conclusion: Post examination item analysis is crucial for building a high-quality Question bank. Also, it supports informed decisions regarding the moderation of marks in MCQ exams.


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