Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 898-1178 
The Beneficial Effects of Adding Magnesium Sulphate to General Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Pages 989-904

Mahmoud Gaballah Montasser Ali; Ayman Saleh Mohamed Ragab; Adel Al-Hady Ahmed Diab

Prevalence of Headache in Children with Epilepsy

Pages 905-912

Sherief M. Al shazly; Hany El-khaleegy

Toxocariasis; A Neglected Tropical Disease, Association With Asthma, Chronic Urticaria and Unexplained Neurologic Manifestations Among Children

Pages 922-929

Khaled Aly Temsah; Mostafa Elshahat Mostafa; Hany Abdul Hady El-Khaleegy; Atef Wahdan El Rifai; Mona Abd Raboo; Sherief M. Al shazly

Effect of Oral Exposure to Bisphenol A on the Liver and Kidney of Adult Male Albino Rats

Pages 930-937

Mohamed Ali Mahmoud Abbas; Samir Atef Farid Elmetwally; Mokhtar Ahmed Mokhtar Abo-Elfotoh

A comparison between the Use of Chest X-ray and Lung Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Pneumonia in Children in Damietta Governorate

Pages 938-945

Ahmed Mohamed Karkar; Mohamed Abdelsalam Zannoun; Ahmed Mohamed Fekry Eldeek; Magdy Mohamed Ashmawy Sakr

Comparative Study of Color Doppler Imaging in Normal and Abnormal First Trimester Pregnancy

Pages 946-952

Sileem Ahmed Sileem; Tarek Mohamed Mansour; Osama Aabdelazem

Value of Intraoperative Ultrasound in Decreasing Incidence of Residual Radiolucent Stones Post- Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Pages 962-966

Mohammed Mohammed; Andrew Jones; Nabeel Kuwaijo; Jalal Al shareef; Ibrahim Salman; Shady Soliman

Relationship between Vitamin-D Receptor Gene Polymorphism FokI and Fetuin- A as A marker of Vascular Calcification in Egyptian Hemodialysis Patients

Pages 967-975

Fatma Ibrahim Mayah; Hayam Hamza Mansour; Ragaa Ramadan Mohamed; Nadia Kamal Marey; Khaled Younis younis Mohammed; Amr Mohamed Ibrahim; Tarek Fakhr eldeen Osman

Immunohistochemical Expression of Cyclin D1 and PIN1 in Endometrial Carcinoma

Pages 984-994

Shimaa Shafik Abu_Seadah; Samah Mohamed Attiah; Mohamed Yousef Ali

Assessment of Anti-Streptolysin-O Titre in Healthy School-Age Children in Alexandria Governorate

Pages 995-1000

Aziza Abdelaziz Abdou; Mohamed Abdel Salam Zannoun; Magdy Zaki El Ghanam

On-Pump versus Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Patients with Poor Left Ventricular Function

Pages 1001-1006

Ahmed Mahmoud Asklany; El husseiny El husseiny Gamil; Mohamed Hossiny Mahmoud; Ismail Nasr Elsokkary

LASER Versus Mechanochemical Ablation in Treatment of Primary Varicose Vein of Lower Limb

Pages 1016-1024

Mohamed Abozeid Ahmed Abozeid; Metwaly Ragab Ibrahim; Gamal El-sayed Almaadawy

Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Factor V Leiden Mutation in Egyptian Preeclamptic Women

Pages 1033-1038

Ahmed Mohamed Alsheikh; Ahmed Mohammed Elsadek; Samy Amin Gebreel

Safety and Efficacy of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir in The Treatment of Chronic HCV Infection in Elderly Egyptian Patients

Pages 1053-1059

Mohamed G. Mohamed; Mohamed B. Bastawy; Mostafa A. Elhawary; Mohamed R. Rashed

Relation between Iron Status and Hemoglobin A1c in Children with Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 1075-1082

Fatma Mustafa El Nezely; Hussien Metwally Abd Elmaksoud; Magdy Zaki El Ghanam

Intrathecal Fentanyl versus Dexmedetomedine as Adjuvants to Bupivacaine for Cesarean Section

Pages 1083-1087

Tawfik Noor El-Din; Mostafa Hussien; Ahmed Abd El-Galil; Ahmed Emad Abd ellatif

Evaluation of Serum Insulin, Glucose and Liver Function in β-Thalassemia Major and Their Correlation with Iron Overload

Pages 1088-1096

Basma Mohammed Matar; Magdy Mohamed Ashmawy Sakr; Lotfy AbdElfattah Alsehaimy; Hesham Samir Abd al-samee

Value of Ultrasound in the Management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome by Optimal PEEP

Pages 1104-1112

Ali Mohamed Ali Abdelhameed; Atef Wahdan Saleh Alrifai; Abdelhay Ibraheem Abdelhay

The role of Trans-abdominal Ultrasound in Assessing Disease Activity and Severity in Ulcerative Colitis

Pages 1119-1124

Ragab Mahmoud Ragab; Mohamed Heiza; Khaled Elmola; Mostafa M. Shakweer

Protective Effect of Cinnamon and Ginger on Acrylamide Induced Hepatotoxicity in Adult Male Albino Rats

Pages 1136-1144

El-sayed Hamdey El-sayed Gawesh; Ahmed Ibrahim Abdelreheem Elshoura; Mohamed Ali Abbas

Self-gripping Mesh in Inguinal Hernia Repair

Pages 1152-1162

Ibrahim Goda Ibrahim Atia; Amr Abd-Alghany Sarhan; Mohamed Mustafa Balbola

Psychological Effects of Acne Vulgaris Among Secondary School Adolescents in Damietta Governorate

Pages 1163-1171

Sarah Mohammed Elsadek; Zakaria Mahran Obaid; Osama Hashem; Ayman Alhosseiny Abdelmaksoud

Microscopic and Endoscopic Transoral Approaches for the Management of Craniocervical Chordomas

Pages 1172-1178

Mohammad Fathy Mohammad Eissa; Mohamed Soleiman Mohamed Soleiman; Gasser Hasan Al-Shayal; Tawfik Abdelaaty Elkhol; Ibrahim Eldsoky; Mohamed Ahmed Abdelwahid Ellabbad